How we assess our children

School Meals

At St Barnabas and St Philip’s School our children are assessed at key points in the year. Statutory assessments take place in the summer term at the end of the following stages:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
  • YI Phonic Screening Test
  • Y2 KS1 Assessments
  • Y6 KS2 Assessments

Internal assessments also take place at key points in the year for all year groups. This is called summative assessment.

Ongoing teacher assessment and feedback takes place between teacher and child on a day to day basis. This is called formative assessment.

During the school year there are opportunities for teachers to meet parents to discuss their child’s targets and progress to date.

At the end of the school year parents receive a report which outlines their child’s attainment and progress in all curriculum subjects.