The School Day

Our School Day

Our schools are organised in such a way as to provide maximum time for learning across a balanced curriculum.

Our schools are committed to offering our children a healthy start to the school day by inviting them to attend a Breakfast Club from 8.00am each day.  Places in our Breakfast Club can be arranged through the main school office, and cost £5 a day.

Our school day begins at 8.55am.

In our schools, the mornings are usually given to Phonics, Reading, Writing and Maths. Depending on the year group, the order in which these are taught may vary. In addition, each day a collective worship is held, where children learn about current events and festivals, sing, celebrate and share their learning.

All of our EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children have a twenty minute break in the middle of the morning. 

All children have a staggered lunch from 11.40am through to 1.40pm.  Play time and lunchtime staff are trained to support children’s play.  There are a wide range of activities for children to enjoy, such as skipping, reading, drawing and sports.

Our afternoons are filled with learning based on the wider curriculum.  Subjects taught include Science, Geography, History and Art.  In addition to these, the children are also taught Design Technology, Mandarin, Computing, Physical Education and Music.

The school day ends at 3.20pm in EYFS/KS1 and 3.30pm in KS2.